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Planning your first foreign trip

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

I remember taking my first flight with my mom. While writing this I called mom to ask if she remembers when we took that first flight. Was amazed when she told me that she not only remembers the year but the exact date too.

Travelling to foreign country is common for many of us but there are many more who are yet to make their first travel out of India. I have helped get a passport for few of my colleagues so someday they can fulfil their dream of going abroad.

People tend to avoid foreign travel due to many reasons. Asking my colleagues and friends, the top reasons were no passport, cost, fear, family issues etc

Let me help you plan your first foreign trip. Send this to your friends, colleagues who are yet to embark on their first foreign trip

I am writing this for a solo traveller but travelling with friends or family can be done the same way


Mandatory document required for you to visit a foreign country. Apply today and get your passport. Even if you have no plans to travel get a passport.

It’s a simple and easy online process and you get your passport in few days (Once application is accepted)

Process can also be done with agent for a fee. I have got all my passports without any agents even before the process was online. Online now makes it much simpler. Your call

Do it yourself:

Quick step by step guide with screenshots for processes:

Go through this

Once you know the processes by checking the above link get ready for applying for passport

Get required documents ready

Create your account on

Check if appointment are available at your Passport Seva Kandra -

Fill details in online passport form

Book appointment

Take necessary printouts

Visit Passport Kendra on day of appointment with docs and proofs

Wait for passport :)

Planning your trip

Start with a country which has visa on arrival for Indian passport or which have ease in visa processing. List of countries which have visa on arrival for Indian passport is attached at the end of this article.

Choose a destination which fits your budget and taste. Do some basic checks on internet. If I were to choose I would sort them as

Dubai = Malls,desert, tall buildings, shopping, gold

Bangkok = Nightlife,parties,food, beaches

Maldives = Romantic,beaches,relaxation

I just choose the destinations that are cheapest to fly to from India. You can choose any. Once you have drilled down go to costs

Still feel planning is not your cup of tea for the first foreign trip then you can book your travel with a travel agency. There are multiple travel agencies. Understand the plans and the package inclusions. Check the below

Return airfare

OTB charges (Ok to board charges)

Conversation rates if package is to be paid other than INR

Visa charges

Airport pick-up and drop

Hotels included (Search them and see reviews/pics)

Occupancy in hotel rooms (If travelling solo)

Number of meals included

Sightseeing tours included if any are chargeable

Vehicle used for sightseeing tours

Extra charges if any (Local taxes etc)

Once the checks are done you are good to go :)

I would still prefer you plan it. It’s a different experience. Researching about the new country. You will learn so much in the process. Having your own time to explore things.

It's your call finally !!!

Flight booking

Gone are days when travelling out of India was a costly affair. With low cost airlines and offers, return flights from many cities have become cheaper

Check flights to your chosen destination from the nearest airport.

How to book cheap flights? Check the video where I explain it

Follow my twitter account @outofofficedaku where I keep posting airfare deals

Start searching cheap flights and book it

Now that flights are booked time to plan more for your trip

Travel Insurance

Never travel without a travel insurance out of India. I repeat never skip buying travel insurance to save a few bucks even if it's not mandatory to buy one to the country you're travelling.

God forbid if anything happens on your trip you will end up having the worst time paying for the same. Search and buy a travel insurance from your date of leaving India to few extra days of your arrival back in India. Why the extra days? In case you miss your flight or some delay causes change in plans etc.

Better safe than sorry


If you have chosen a destination which has visa on arrival make sure you read the terms and condition properly. Check

Do I need to show any docs on arrival

Does the country require specific amount of currency with me

What currency I need to pay my visa charges

If your country chosen need visa check the details and try applying yourself. Saves money. Again you can get it done via agents for a fee.

Planning your trip

I have detailed how I plan my backpacking trips. Check it

Final words

If you have read till here means you wanna go on your first foreign trip soon. Once you take your first trip you would want to go out there again. You will learn different things and see cultures. You will gain confidence in taking more trips on your own.

Still need any help tweet me @outofofficedaku and will help you

Happy Travels !!!


List of countries with ease of visa on Indian passport

Country - Visa Type

Bahrain - eVisa

Cote d’Ivoire - eVisa

Gabon - eVisa

Georgia - eVisa

Kenya - eVisa

Moldova - eVisa

Myanmar - eVisa

Rwanda - eVisa

São Tomé and Príncipe - eVisa

Zambia - eVisa

Zimbabwe - eVisa

Bhutan - No Visa

Dominica - No Visa

Ecuador - No Visa

El Salvador - No Visa

Fiji - No Visa

Grenada - No Visa

Haiti - No Visa

Jamaica - No Visa

Mauritius - No Visa

Micronesia - No Visa

Nepal - No Visa

Saint Kitts and Nevis - No Visa

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - No Visa

Trinidad and Tobago - No Visa

Vanuatu - No Visa

FYRO Macedonia - No Visa

Svalbard - No Visa

Montserrat - No Visa

Turks & Caicos Islands - No Visa

Sri Lanka - No Visa but special permit required

Samoa - Permit on Arrival

Bolivia - Visa on Arrival

Cambodia - Visa on Arrival

Cape Verde - Visa on Arrival

Comoros - Visa on Arrival

Djibouti - Visa on Arrival

Ethiopia - Visa on Arrival

Guinea-Bissau - Visa on Arrival

Guyana - Visa on Arrival

Indonesia - Visa on Arrival

Jordan - Visa on Arrival

Laos - Visa on Arrival

Madagascar - Visa on Arrival

Maldives - Visa on Arrival

Mauritania - Visa on Arrival

Palau - Visa on Arrival

Saint Lucia - Visa on Arrival

Senegal - Visa on Arrival

Seychelles - Visa on Arrival

Somalia - Visa on Arrival

Tanzania - Visa on Arrival

Thailand - Visa on Arrival

Togo - Visa on Arrival

Timor-Leste - Visa on Arrival

Tuvalu - Visa on Arrival

Uganda - Visa on Arrival

Antarctica - Visa on Arrival



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