Five days in Hong Kong

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

I had got a free voucher for 2 nights at Kochi. Was checking flights from Mumbai to Kochi. Happened to check flights from Kochi to the outside world. I saw fares Kochi - Hong Kong for 8K (One way obviously). And slowly plans started falling in place. You can read in detail how I planned my first backpacking trip here

Do read the above article and come here if you looking for backpacking tips and travelling across Asia. If it's just Hong Kong read on and later see the other article for tips :D

Journey begins...

Mumbai - Kochi with Jet Airways

Had booked my flight to Kochi. While on the check-in counter I always follow the mantra "Puchne me kya jata hai" Loved this slogan by Tata Sky. Don't know what I am talking about? Watch it here: Lets be on the same page.

Jamvanu in business class

Make this your mantra when travelling. Ask politely for upgrades. You never know if it's your lucky day

On my Mumbai - Kochi flight, I asked for a upgrade. Told them I had no check-in luggage and was about to start my backpacking trip across Asia. BOOM !!!!

Upgraded to business class. All it took me was asking them politely. Enough show off, let's move on.

Panorama of Kochi International Airport

Kochi - Kuala Lumpur - Hong Kong with Air Asia

First time flying Air Asia. Hassle free travel if you read the terms and conditions properly.

As its a low cost airline food and drinks on board are chargeable. Make sure you carry food if you don't want to spend on board.

No entertainment screens are available on board. Download enough content on your device to keep you occupied. Or just doze off.

Tip: Check which is the best seat on any aircraft at Thank me later

Did not take visa for Malaysia as it did not appeal me for visiting the country with the high visa costs. Wanted to transit and be on my way to Hong Kong. Had read about Malaysia randomly giving free visa for intransit passengers. At immigration I said the same reason as mentioned above and got a Malaysia visa for free. "Puchne me kya jata hai Moment" But of no use as I had a flight in few hours.

I think there was some rule for free visa to intransit passengers which I did not know. Kya pata...

Hong Kong (This is where is all starts)

Money (Paisa Babu Bhaiya Paisa)

Search for "Currency Exchange"shop in Hong Kong Airport. Nope don't exchange money here. How to carry money on your trips? Read it here

Next to this shop you will find bank ATMs from where you can withdraw HKD

Once done, head to the Currency Exchange. Confused. Read on


As you land in a new country you will need internet to search stuff etc. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a sim from the city than the airport. But I just buy it from the airport. (Need to change this habit and save money)

Buy a 4G sim from the Money Exchange in cash. Ask for more data and less calling sim. I do the same. Finally its based on your usage patterns.

Tip: Keep copies of passport and visa handy so you don't have to hand over your passport

Get it activated and check if all services are working

Tip: If you have capping on free internet, make sure you set your counters to zero

Octopus Card

The lifeline for your travel in Hong Kong. Get a Octopus card as soon as you land here. It's a smart card for all modes of travel. It can also be used at most departmental stores, supermarket, fast food stores etc

Airport to city