Japan Diaries

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

This blog is about my trip to Japan in 2017 and @schmmuck 's trip in 2018. He also travels frequently while managing his full time job. On his trip he had covered some really awesome food joints across Japan. You're sure to drool over the pics.

Documenting his and mine itineraries, food hauls, trips and tricks so you travelers can get the best out your Japan trip

Before we jump into itinerary I suggest please go through my blog about planning your Japan trip https://www.outofofficedaku.com/post/planningjapan This will give you a lot more insight and help you understand Japan. You will not only enjoy this blog more but also will help you planning your trip.

Let's begin...

Against each attraction I have tried to mention

(Mode of transportation to reach it/Station name) (Entry fee)

The details of the next destination will have info on how to reach from first destination

Confused...Read on you will figure out...

Get to Japan and as you make yourself comfortable in your hostel/hotel check around for supermarkets. You would love to try out all the unique items to eat and carry on the go.

Supermarkets to look for

  • Lawson

  • Family Mart

  • 7-Eleven

Tip: Living in a hostel with residential complex. Just look out for kids going to school or office goers early morning. They tend to pick up snacks on the way to the station. The best places to have a good breakfast and start your day.


Day One

Kaminarimon Temple - (Metro/Asakusa Station)

- The Kaminarimon was first built in 941 AD by Taira no Kinmasa, a military commander

Kaminarimon Temple

Sensoji Temple (Walking)

- Tokyo's oldest temple

Nakamise Shopping Street (Walking)

- Nakamise Street which connects the main gate of Sensoji Temple, Kaminarimon Gate, and the main hall

Ueno Street (Metro/Ueno Station)

- Ueno street is also know as Ameyoko is a busy market street along the Yamanote Line tracks between Okachimachi and Ueno Stations


- Open air market

Tokyo National Museum (Walking)

- Established in 1872, is the oldest Japanese national museum, the largest art museum in Japan and one of the largest art museums in the world

Akihabara (Metro/Suehirocho or Okachimachi Station)

- Famed for its electronics retailers, ranging from tiny stalls to vast department stores

When at Akihabara check the below things to visit:

  • Maid Cafes - Cosplay themed restaurants

  • Laox - Tax free souvenir items

  • Don Quijote - Discount store

  • Radio Kaikan - Animation goods

  • Super Potato - All types of video games and consoles

  • Gamers - Video games, CDs, software related to games

  • Mandarake - Collectibles

Tip: If you have plans to shop from here suggest keep this visit to the end of your trip

Day two

Tamagoyaki - Omelette on stick

Tsukiji Outer Market (Metro/Tsukijishijo Station/Free)

- Also known as Toyosu Market. If you're here at 5 am you can see fish auctions marketplace. You can visit it any time of the day for some delicious food

Food recommendations:

Tamagoyaki - Japanese style omelette on a stick

Tip: Please don't come in way of the workers in the market. Early morning is a peak time. Also stay within the marked safety yellow lines if checking out the area which has trucks unloading

This reminds me of how efficiently Japan operates. So I was sitting and watching the sea food trucks come in for loading. The lady supervisor explained me how they do it.

Normal trucks open from the back and need two or more persons to unload and load goods.

This is how their truck opens up. All goods are unloaded and kept behind the yellow line. A single forklift operator unloads the whole truck in <10 mins. And takes another 15 mins to reload it.

During this 30 mins break the driver of the vehicle finishes his morning breakfast and is ready for the trip. Normal trucks which open from back take more then 2+ hours for the same task. Also long boxes are a pain to load in them. Efficient...

Back to the daywise itinerary

Hamarikyu Gardens (Walking 500 meters/300¥)

- Public park in middle of the city

Shibuya Crossing (Metro/